Another day another event

Today is warm and looks great for a tea party which is great as I am off to deliver china for an event. The hire is for trios and tea spoons which are all packed and ready to go. Sometimes you need to be ready for anything and today that is because we are not sure of the tables. The hirer is not sure of the table sizes so I have packed enough tablecloths to cover all possibilities. I always pack a few extra bits and pieces for that just in case moment. However well planned you are, on the day as you lay everything out you suddenly need something extra. Space is limited today so we have not been asked for extra decoration but I will still take some bunting as it can often make such a difference. Delivering china on the day is so different from delivering the day before. On the day you become part of the event preparation and you need to bring an area of calm preparation and a knowledge of knowing when to offer help and when to step back. I am sure it will be brilliant today as my hirer has a great team and the weather is shining on the event. Vintage tea here we come!

Teapot and jugs


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